Land, Gyms, and Bootcamps
Upon achieving Legendary status a player will be able to purchase land or a gym in Adventure Mode to open up a Chibi Dino Bootcamp. These bootcamps will allow the owner of the Dino to stake their legendary on a piece of in game real estate and earn fees from other players that seek additional training for their Chibi Dinos.
Most gyms will exist as indoor spaces, with highly desirable open air gyms available at various points on the map in Adventure Mode.
Owners of Legendary Chibi Dinos and a gym will be able to denominate the fee for their bootcamp in either SWAG or HOOP. Only a select number of Dinos may occupy a gym at a time, so players are encouraged to price aggressively, purchase additional gyms, and level up multiple Legendary Dinos to provide training.
The IQ buff a Chibi Dino may receive from enrolling in a bootcamp is determined by the final IQ of the Legendary Chibi that has been staked to the gym, but caps at no more than 50 points.
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