Marketplace and Wallet

Chibi Dinos have their own home for exchange and commerce. Our marketplace will allow users to buy and sell their in game assets, rent and lease their Dinos, and provide a direct outlet for the purchase of newly generated promotional content.
Players will be able to denominate their Gear, Dinos, Eggs, and GULP potions in either SWAG or Hoop tokens. The economy of the Chibi Dinos universe will be entirely player driven, and will be developed with their needs in mind.
Alongside the Chibi Dinos marketplace will be our wallet, used to connect to Primal Hoop and interact with your Chibi Dinos in exciting ways. Our wallet application acts as a home for your Dinos and tokens, and provides a gateway to everything from augmented reality experiences to accessing real world benefits lined up for our Chibi Dinos holders.