Gear and Equipment

Gear is equippable for all Chibi Dinos that have not yet reached their maximum level and evolved into Legendary.
Gear will give a boost to Chibi IQ, stamina, or both. Up to five pieces of gear can be equipped at one time.
  • Head
  • Torso
  • Pants
  • Tail
  • Accessory
The primary source of gear will come through exploring in the Adventure Mode, completing quests, and solving in game puzzles.
All Chibi Dinos can find gear, but only Legendary Chibis of the Adventurer skill tree will be able to find the rarest high-end gear.
This rewards players for leveling up multiple Chibi Dinos and ensures a thriving secondary gear market.
A second source of gear will come from artist and athlete collaborations, and exclusive gear mints that Chibi Dinos will release throughout the year. These will be limited edition runs with exclusively selected artist or athlete collaborations and will never be released again or replicated in the game. All gear will be sellable on a secondary market in the Chibi universe.
The price for the gear can be denominated in SWAG or HOOP, but will generally reflect the rarity, looks, or boosts that the gear provides.