Chibi Dinos

Chibi Dinos Whitepaper 2.0
Chibi Dinos began as a unique generative NFT project with traits assigned at mint. The first release of Chibis included a collection of 10,000 2D highly collectable, stylized creatures, each wearing the jersey of their in-game basketball team.
The Chibis all play on one of ten different Dino themed basketball teams in the Chibi universe. Not content to simply dominate the Basketball Court, these Dinos have set their sights on the world.
The Chibi Dinos brand seeks to tie together real world perks, a robust digital landscape, and exciting play to earn gameplay into one cohesive universe. Leveraging an extensive network of athletes and partnerships, and fully realizing the potential of blockchain gaming, Chibi Dinos are positioned to be a first mover in the collectable NFT, sports, and e-sports markets.
We aim to provide an immersive gaming and lifestyle experience that will be enjoyed for generations. In pursuit of this goal, Chibi Dinos will unroll a gaming ecosystem that spans 3 distinct, yet interconnected, modes of gameplay and participation that feature a multitude of opportunities to connect with and engage other players, compete, build community, and play to earn.
Play to earn opportunities include:
  • Competing in the Primal Hoop basketball game
  • Completing in-game challenges
  • Farming and exchanging SWAG tokens
  • Hatching and selling Chibi Dinos
  • Selling gear
  • Renting your Chibi Dinos for the draft
  • Staking a Legendary Chibi Dino to run a Bootcamp
  • Participating in HOOP token governance/staking